Sorting dates in chronological order

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Old 07-14-2011
Assuming that the dates in the 2nd column do not repeat in the file, you could do something like this in Perl -

$ # show the content of the data file "f7"
$ cat -n f7
     1  H|20-May-2011|MF_FF.dat|77164|731374590.96|1|1|731374590.96|76586|77164|578|2988|Y
     2  H|21-Jul-2011|MF_FF.dat|77178|731374590.96|2|4|731374590.96|76600|77178|578|3002|Y
     3  H|21-May-2011|MF_FF.dat|77178|731374590.96|2|4|731374590.96|76600|77178|578|3002|Y
     4  H|22-Aug-2011|MF_FF.dat|77195|731374590.96|3|4|731374590.96|76617|77195|578|3019|Y
     5  H|22-May-2011|MF_FF.dat|77195|731374590.96|3|4|731374590.96|76617|77195|578|3019|Y
     6  H|26-Mar-2011|MF_FF.dat|76444|713606875.00|1|1|713606875.00|75822|76444|622|3310|Y
     7  H|31-Oct-2009|MF_FF.dat|76444|713606875.00|1|1|713606875.00|75822|76444|622|3310|Y
     8  H|07-Dec-2010|MF_FF.dat|76444|713606875.00|1|1|713606875.00|75822|76444|622|3310|Y
$ # run the Perl program on the data file "f7"
$ perl -F"\|" -lane 'BEGIN {%x = qw(Jan 01 Feb 02 Mar 03 Apr 04 May 05 Jun 06
                                   Jul 07 Aug 08 Sep 09 Oct 10 Nov 11 Dec 12)}
                    ($d,$m,$y) = unpack("A2xA3xA4", $F[1]);
                    $data{$y.$x{$m}.$d} = $_;
                    END {foreach $k (sort keys %data) {print $data{$k}}}
                   ' f7

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Old 07-15-2011
And here's the awk version...
awk -F\| '{
    for (i=n; i; i--) {
        if (a[i]=="Jan")      a[i]="01"
        else if (a[i]=="Feb") a[i]="02"
        else if (a[i]=="Mar") a[i]="03"
        else if (a[i]=="Apr") a[i]="04"
        else if (a[i]=="May") a[i]="05"
        else if (a[i]=="Jun") a[i]="06"
        else if (a[i]=="Jul") a[i]="07"
        else if (a[i]=="Aug") a[i]="08"
        else if (a[i]=="Sep") a[i]="09"
        else if (a[i]=="Oct") a[i]="10"
        else if (a[i]=="Nov") a[i]="11"
        else if (a[i]=="Dec") a[i]="12"
        s = sprintf("%s", a[i]?s""a[i]:a[i])
    if (s in c) x[s]=sprintf("%s",x[s]"\n"$0)
    else {c[s] = s; b[NR] = s; x[s] = $0}
} END {
    for (i=1; i<NR; i++)
        for (j=1; j<=NR-i; j++)
            if (b[j] > b[j+1]) {
            t = b[j]
            b[j] = b[j+1]
            b[j+1] = t
    for (i=1; i<=NR; i++)
        if (x[b[i]]) print x[b[i]]
}' file

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