NDM process say success but file didn't reach destination

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Old 07-13-2011
NDM process say success but file didn't reach destination

I am using ndmcli to NDM my files. When i do so it prints success for the process, with out any errors, but file is not reached at destination.
ndmcli -x << EOJ
submit phcdb process snode=$RMT_NODE_NAME
step01 copy from (file=$SRC_FILE_NAME pnode)
to (file=$DST_FILE_NAME
if (step01 = 0) then 
pend ;

Is there any way to test in UNIX that files recieved?, instead checking the files manually in the folder.
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KEYCTL_SET_REQKEY_KEYRING(3)				    Linux Key Management Calls				      KEYCTL_SET_REQKEY_KEYRING(3)

keyctl_set_reqkey_keyring - Set the implicit destination keyring SYNOPSIS
#include <keyutils.h> long keyctl_set_reqkey_keyring(int reqkey_defl); DESCRIPTION
keyctl_set_reqkey_keyring() sets the default destination for implicit key requests for the current thread and returns the old setting. After this operation has been issued, keys acquired by implicit key requests, such as might be performed by open() on an AFS or NFS filesystem, will be linked by default to the specified keyring by this function. The valid values of reqkey_defl are: KEY_REQKEY_DEFL_NO_CHANGE This makes no change to the current setting. KEY_REQKEY_DEFL_THREAD_KEYRING This makes the thread-specific keyring the default destination. KEY_REQKEY_DEFL_PROCESS_KEYRING This makes the process-specific keyring the default destination. KEY_REQKEY_DEFL_SESSION_KEYRING This makes the session keyring the default destination. KEY_REQKEY_DEFL_USER_KEYRING This makes the UID-specific keyring the default destination. KEY_REQKEY_DEFL_USER_SESSION_KEYRING This makes the UID-specific session keyring the default destination. KEY_REQKEY_DEFL_DEFAULT This selects the default behaviour which is to use the thread-specific keyring if there is one, otherwise the process-specific keyring if there is one, otherwise the session keyring if there is one, otherwise the UID-specific session keyring. This setting is inherited across fork() and exec(). RETURN VALUE
On success keyctl_set_reqkey_keyring() returns 0. On error, the value -1 will be returned and errno will have been set to an appropriate error. ERRORS
EINVAL The value of reqkey_defl is invalid. LINKING
This is a library function that can be found in libkeyutils. When linking, -lkeyutils should be specified to the linker. SEE ALSO
keyctl(1), add_key(2), keyctl(2), request_key(2), keyctl(3), request-key(8) Linux 4 May 2006 KEYCTL_SET_REQKEY_KEYRING(3)