Problem while calling a script within a script

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Old 07-12-2011
Problem while calling a script within a script

Hi ,
I have moduled my scripts in three scripts .

From First script i am calling second and from second i am calling third for some check .

Problem is with the third script call.

---In second script
EXP ='test.\abc.\Server.*abc.xml.*'
pid=$($HOME/bin/checkpid $EXP)
--Third Script --checkpid
pid=$(pgrep -f $pattern -u $USER)
if [[ -n "$pid" ]]; then
  echo $pid
  exit 1

Now when i am directly calling the checkpid script with the expression it is giving me proper result but when i am calling it from the second script ,it is showing me error
pgrep: option requires an argument -- u
Usage: pgrep [-flvx] [-d DELIM] [-n|-o] [-P PPIDLIST] [-g PGRPLIST] [-s SIDLIST]

I have tried putting echo in third script but i am unable to see it in the log file.

Please help me with the same.

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Old 07-12-2011
Have you verified that the value of $USER is not empty?
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Old 07-12-2011
ok..will try to check..but i m unable to get output of echo in the third script..thru console value of USER is showing proper but i m calling first script from another application.
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