How to remove common file names from text files

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Old 07-08-2011
How to remove common file names from text files

I'm running on freebsd -- with a default shell of csh.

I have two files named A and B. Each line of each file contains a file name. How can I write a script that removes all the file names in file B from A.

I tried to use perl to create a huge regular expression with "|" separating the file names in file A and then use sed to delete those from A. I could not make that work. I just could not get "sed -f re <A >AA" to cooperate (no errors no changes from A to AA). Is there an easier way?

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Old 07-08-2011
grep -vxFf B A

Your system's grep man page will explain any unfamiliar options.

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Old 07-08-2011
grep -v -f B A

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