Likely charset issue with tree command?

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Old 07-06-2011
Likely charset issue with tree command?

Hi All

I'm using a tree command in a script that for me outputs:-


However a different user is getting the following output:-

aaa (actually with an umlat above them)    DIRECTORYNAME

I'm not sure where this could be coming from, any ideas anyone?

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The other user was running the script via putty and putty was introducing a charset conflict.
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Bio::TreeIO::svggraph(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				Bio::TreeIO::svggraph(3pm)

Bio::TreeIO::svggraph - A simple output format that converts a Tree object to an SVG output SYNOPSIS
use Bio::TreeIO; my $in = Bio::TreeIO->new(-file => 'input', -format => 'newick'); my $out = Bio::TreeIO->new(-file => '>output', -format => 'svggraph'); while( my $tree = $in->next_tree ) { my $svg_xml = $out->write_tree($tree); } DESCRIPTION
This outputs a tree as an SVG graphic using the SVG::Graph API FEEDBACK
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Allen Day Guillaume Rousse, Guillaume-dot-Rousse-at-inria-dot-fr APPENDIX
The rest of the documentation details each of the object methods. Internal methods are usually preceded with a _ new Title : new Usage : my $obj = Bio::TreeIO::svggraph->new(); Function: Builds a new Bio::TreeIO::svggraph object Returns : Bio::TreeIO::svggraph Args :-width => image width (default 1600) -height => image height (default 1000) -margin => margin (default 30) -stroke => stroke color (default 'black') -stroke_width=> stroke width (default 2) -font_size=> font size (default '10px') -nomalize => undef or 'log' (default is undef) write_tree Title : write_tree Usage : $treeio->write_tree($tree); Function: Write a tree out to data stream in newick/phylip format Returns : none Args : Bio::Tree::TreeI object decorateRoot Title : _decorateRoot Usage : internal methods Function: Example : Returns : Args : next_tree Title : next_tree Usage : Function: Sorry not possible with this format Returns : none Args : none perl v5.14.2 2012-03-02 Bio::TreeIO::svggraph(3pm)