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Old 07-02-2011
Modify file


I have a file that looks like this:


and I want to change it to this:

+  10  289808
+  11  1445372
-   7    1014101
+  11  728811
-   11  1445205
+  11  1445792

So it ends up as a tab separated file with some removals to the line.

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Old 07-02-2011
It's very easy with sed or perl or awk. Why don't try it yourself?

By the way, you've got an interesting statistics. You ask questions (a lot), get answers and:

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Old 07-02-2011
sed "s#+:<#\t#g"


(sorry yazu didn't see the post)
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Old 07-02-2011
sed 's/^[0-9]*//;s/:/ /;s/</ /;s/,/ /g' inputfile | awk '{NF-=1;print}'

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