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Old 06-30-2011
Help with Daily DB growth script


I have a script
SELECT TO_CHAR(creation_time, 'RRRR Month') "Month",
SUM(bytes)/1024/1024 "Growth in MB"
FROM sys.v_$datafile
WHERE creation_time > SYSDATE-365
GROUP BY TO_CHAR(creation_time, 'RRRR Month')

It produces output similar to this

Month                                     Growth in MB
----------------------------------------- ------------
2011 May                                      3874.375
2011 June                                         9360

Next week, there will be a lot of testing occurring within this database and I would like to know the daily growth that these 16 users will be incorporating into the database.

Can someone please mod my script so that the output will look something similar to this, then I can schedule via cron on a daily basis

Day of Week		Date			DB growth Today

Monday			4 July 2011		852.40
Tuesday			5 July 2011		712.50
Wednesday		6 July 2011		515.85
Thursday		7 July 2011		1019.62
Friday			8 July 2011		945.67

On the Monday I will only have Monday's result, but on Tuesday I will have both days, until the Friday I will have 5 days output similar to above.

This way I can keep an eye on the amount of backup utilisation likely to occur overnight

Many thanks
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Old 07-01-2011
it would appear your answer was provided in another forum in 2002:

database growth script - Forums

HTH :-)
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Old 07-01-2011

thanks for the link, but it does not really provide what I am seeking. It just tells you the SQL Statement to determine the db growth. I am seeking the code that will write the output from the SQL on a daily basis and amend to a report.

Thanks all the same, but I'll wait another day or so for a more thorough answer to this request
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