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Old 06-30-2011
Question need to extract terminal from this process -perl regx

Hi All,

i ve a process,
user4    31779  2836  0 01:43 pts/6    00:00:00 sh /home/user/DATE/SUT_SCR/

like this i'll get so many process when in run ps -ef | grep pts | grep

i need to extract terminal id from this string. i.e pts/6, or sometimes pts/22 same way i need to do for all process, can you please help me in the regx where i need to extract terminal.

$ps = `ps -ef | grep |  grep /DATE/SUT_SCR`;
         if ($ps =~ /sh/g)
            foreach $_ (split(/\n/, $ps))
                if ($_ =~ /\s*(^pts\/\d+)(.*)\/$/)
                        print "$1\n";

this regex is not working.( =~ /\s*(^pts\/\d+)(.*)\/$/). please suggest in new regx.


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Old 06-30-2011
ps -ef | grep pts | grep | awk  '{print $6}'

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Old 06-30-2011
 echo 'user4    31779  2836  0 01:43 pts/6    00:00:00 sh /home/use/DATE/SUT_SCR/' | perl -nle 'print $1 if/\s+(pts\/.+?)\s+/'

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Old 06-30-2011
ps -ef|awk '$6 ~ /^pts/ && /\/c\.sh$/ {print $6 }'

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