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Old 06-24-2011
Originally Posted by Corona688
[edit] Figured it out! You're not splitting it in chunks, you're adding , in front of select characters. Neat.

I was going to add behind but this way was easier than dealing with the trailing comma.

edit: i only used the regex because a simple "$i" as the for test didn't work. "i < NF" might be faster.

root@wrtu54g:~# echo 20110624000744000693000704000764 | awk -v FS= -v OFS= '{for

i'm learning myself by trying to help on the forums. is why i've been posting somewhat too frequently lately..

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Old 06-25-2011
echo 20110624000744000693000704000764 |perl -nle'print join ",",unpack "A8(A6)*"'
echo 20110624000744000693000704000764 |perl -pe'pos=8;s/\G.{6}/,$&/g'

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Old 06-28-2011
If it is garbled I dont care it works great! Thanks

$ echo 20110624000744000693000704000764 | sed "s/.\{8\}/&,/;s/[^\,]\{6\}/&,/g;s/,//"

Originally Posted by scottn
I got a bit close with this:

$ sed "s/.\{8\}/&,/;s/[^\,]\{6\}/&,/g;s/,//" file1

That's a garbled command - if ever I saw one! - even if SED didn't report it this time Smilie

I suppose, "garbling" a bit more, adding ;s/,$// at the end would fix it!

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