command to check existence of file name which has regex

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Old 06-24-2011
command to check existence of file name which has regex

Hi All.
Pls help me with the command to check existence of files (I'll mention name of the file as regex) and proceed with my further processing if atleast one of them exists

in detail,
I've a dir /tmp/TURP, which may or may not have files named with "exter*.txt"

I need to check and proceed if atleast one of these files exists in this dir.

Thanks in advance.
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Old 06-24-2011

ls -l $name > /dev/null
if [ "$?" -eq "0" ]
     echo "Do your work here"
     echo "No files are there for the given pattern"

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Old 06-24-2011
same with little compact ..

if [ `ls /tmp/TURP/exter*.txt > /dev/null ; echo $?` -eq 0 ]; then echo "Files are there \n" ; else echo "Files not present \n"; fi

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