Split and name files as 15 minute periods

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Old 06-23-2011
Originally Posted by ksexton
This looks great. I do get an error when I run it:
> ./script.pl < test.csv
Month '-1' out of range 0..11 at ./script.pl line 13

If I change m-1 to be just m in line 13 I get an error with the day
> ./script.pl < test.csv
Day '' out of range 1..31 at ./script.pl line 13
Your input data's probably not as described. Please post a sample of it.
I am actually ok with the first piece of code that uses the fixed size split. I can delete the first 'broken' row from each file. The effect will be minimal for what I need to do.
If y'say so. Your file names will have nothing to do with their contents unless by sheer coincidence.
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Old 06-23-2011
Ok...Here is some sample data

405038002621334|918602232979||||INTERNET|402|40128|1|1|05/01/2011 00:02:30
405030003291388|919033259968||||INTERNET|402|40128|1|2|05/01/2011 00:02:30
405030000889166|919033829018|1234567898|||INTERNET|402|40128|1|0|05/01/2011 00:02:30
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Old 06-23-2011
No wonder, my script was expecting the date at the beginning of the line.

use Time::Local;
use POSIX qw(mktime strftime);

my $start=0, $end=0, $FMT="%Y%m%d.%H%M";

        # Split each line apart into the default $_ / @_ variable
        # Last token is date.  Split apart date and time into two vars.
        ($mdy, $hms)=split(" ", @_[$#_]);
        #Split apart MM/DD/YYYY on /
        ($m, $d, $y)=split("/", $mdy);
        # Split apart HH:MM:SS on :
        ($hour, $min, $sec)=split(":", $hms);

        # Create a timestamp in epoch seconds from it.  $m-1 because Perl counts months 0-11
        $ldate=timelocal($sec, $min, $hour, $d, $m-1,$y);
        $min=$min-($min%15);    # chunks of 15 minutes

        # Check which date range it's in and change the output file as appropriate
        if($ldate >= $end)
                $end=$start + (15*60);
                        strftime("$FMT", localtime($start)),
                        strftime("$FMT", localtime($end)));

                FILE && close(FILE);
                open(FILE, ">$fname");

        print FILE "$line";

FILE && close(FILE);
exit 0;

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Old 06-23-2011

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