clean passwd file based on db table (master)

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Old 06-22-2011
clean passwd file based on db table (master)

The purpose of this script is to scan the /etc/passwd file one line at a time comparing the usernames to the usernames found in a database table. I will later locked every account which is not in the database table.

I have export the userlist from the database in a file (/tmp/userlist). It should be faster than a sql check for every user.

The script works ok but my problem is that the script check also all system accounts!
how can disable it that the script didnīt check the system accounts like root,www-data and so on…

  rm -f $PASS_LOG && touch $PASS_LOG
  Isql –uHIDE –pwhatever –sprod –w 10 <<EOF >> /tmp/userlist
  Set nocount on
  Select name from db_workers where work is null
  for NAME in $(cut -d: -f1 "$PASSWORD_FILE" )
   passwd -S $NAME | grep "PS" >/dev/null
  if [ $STATUS -eq 0  ] ; then
  grep -i "$NAME" /tmp/userlist >/dev/null
  echo $STATUS2
  if [ $STATUS2 -eq 1 ] ; then
  echo $NAME >> $PASS_LOG

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Old 06-22-2011
If you think more in set notation and work in bulk, you can select one list from the DB, extract another from /etc/passwd, 'sort -u', and use the 'comm' command to compare the (sorted, unique) lists. Now you can have a missing list and an extra list to process automatically. You can even pipe it all together under bash <<(...), using 'sed' to do the list cleanup.
comm -23 <<(
  sed '...' /etc/passwd | sort -u
 ) <<(
  db_query_bits | sed '...' | sort -u
 ) | while read extra_id

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