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Old 06-17-2011
simple aggregate task

Hi experts,

I need an help on the task below.

INPUT: values separated by the tab,first row is the header
20110609    AS    A    300.5000
20110609    AS    R    200.5000
20110609    BR    A    111.5000
20110609    BR    R    222.5000
20110610    AS    A    100.5500
20110610    AS    R    150.5500
20110610    BR    A    199.5000
20110610    BR    R    288.5000
20110611    AS    A     50.0000
20110611    AS    R     50.0000
20110611    BR    A     98.0000
20110611    BR    R     97.0000
20110612    AS    A     90.0000
20110612    AS    R     80.0000
20110612    CO    A     12.0000
20110612    CO    R     13.0000
20110612    DE    A     112.0000
20110612    DE    R     113.0000
20110613    DE    A   38012.6920
20110613    DE    A   38012.6920

I need to calculate a three day AVERAGE PRICE for each day where the SIDE and the MARKET are the same (three day is just example - it should be CUSTOMIZABLE) :
For date 20110612 and side A and market AS - we will sum prices for (0612 +0611+0610) on the A side on the AS market,
so the summary will be (90+50+100,55 = 240,55)=SUM_SIDE_A then calculate the average which is SUM_SIDE_A/3 = 80,1833
for R side it will be (80+50+150,55=280,55=SUM_SIDE_R)/3 = 93.51
etc. for each day/market/side.
For days 20110609 or 20110610 when there is no record 3 days past, we will simple use the all existing records before.
Example : 20110609 : A side, market AS -> 300.5/ 1 =300.5 , 20110610 : 401.05/2 =200.525

OUTPUT should look like this: tab separated values, instead of 'xxx' should be similar summaries for other markets.
output should be sorted by date ascending , market alphabetically
20110609       AS          300.5000         200.5000
20110609       BR          xxx              xxx 
20110610       AS          200.525          175.525
20110610       BR          xxx              xxx 
20110611       AS          150.3500         133.6833
20110611       BR          xxx              xxx 
20110612       AS          80.1330          93.5156
20110612       BR          xxx              xxx 
20110612       CO          xxx              xxx 
20110612       DE          xxx              xxx 
20110613       AS          xxx              xxx
20110613       DE          xxx              xxx

In my real input there are of course hundreds of date and dozen of markets.
Thanks a lot for all replies

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Old 06-17-2011
If it's simple why you don't write this program by yourself? Your previous posts are really interesting...
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Old 06-17-2011
Thanks Yazu for your HELP, I guess it should be simple for EXPERT, for which I don't consider myself.
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