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Old 06-16-2011
Help with awk: printing variables

awk is only printing out the variables on the first AK2, how do I get it to print out the variables for every occurrence of AK2?

grep -l "^ST.997" *.replaced|sort -n|uniq>FILELIST
while read file
let "count = $count+1"
<$file awk 'BEGIN {
/^ISA/  { ISA06SEND=$7
              ISA14CTRL=$13     }
/^GS/   { GS01GSTYP=$2
               GS06CNTL=$7       }
/^AK1/  { AK101GSTYP=$2
              AK102GSCTRL=$3   }
/^AK3/  { AK301SEG=$2
              AK304SEGERR=$5   }
/^AK4/  { AK401ELPOS=$2
              AK404ERRDATA=$5 }
/^AK5/  { AK501STACK=$2
              AK502STERRCD=$3 }
/^AK9/  { AK901GSACK=$2
              AK905GSERRCD=$6 }     
/^AK2/  { AK201STTYP=$2
echo "FA_FILE $count:  Working with $file"

INPUT looks like this:
ISA~00~          ~00~          ~ZZ~RRRR           ~ZZ~FFF FIAC       ~110611~2215~U~00301~000002391~0~P~>
GS~FA~RRRR MFG~FFFXMFG~110611~2215~1847~X~002000
AK2~830~000031588 #I want to print the other variables for every occurrence of AK2
OUTPUT should look this:
RRRR           ,FFF FIAC       ,000002391,FA,RRRR MFG,1847,PO,970,830,000031588,,,,,,A,,A,186,186,186,,
RRRR           ,FFF FIAC       ,000002391,FA,RRRR MFG,1847,PO,970,830,000031589,,,,,,A,,A,186,186,186,,
RRRR           ,FFF FIAC       ,000002391,FA,RRRR MFG,1847,PO,970,830,000031590,,,,,,A,,A,186,186,186,,

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