Struck with Typeset Command

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Old 06-13-2011
Struck with Typeset Command

Can someone explain whats this below command will do exactly..

typeset tmpFile1 tmpDir1 rc fileName fullName bc

typeset tmpFile1 tmpFile2 rc fileSuffix uef
typeset origFile bc fullName tmpDir1 remoteCmd inFile newInFile
typeset num fn curDate fileSuffix ucFileName

Since i'm new to scripting, i'm struck with this
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Old 06-13-2011
That form of typeset is used to declare local variables inside a function. Like this
$ cat ts
#! /bin/ksh

function one
        typeset xyz
        echo in function one xyz = $xyz

echo in main xyz = $xyz
echo in main xyz still = $xyz
exit 0
$ ./ts
in main xyz = 1
in function one xyz = 12
in main xyz still = 1

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