How to use logical operators in multiple if statement

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Old 06-07-2011
How to use logical operators in multiple if statement

I want to send a status mail if daily or weekly or monthly batch completed or aborted. Here is the code.

if [ "$BatchFrequency" = "Daily" ] && [ "$ModuleBusinessName" = "XYZ" ] && 
[ "$Status" = "COMPLETED SUCESSFULLY" ]  || [ "$Status" = "ABORTED" ]  

Else if  [ "$BatchFrequency" = "Weekly" ] && [ "$ModuleBusinessName" = "ABC" ] 
&& [ "$Status" = "COMP LETED SUCESSFULLY" ]  || [ "$Status" = "ABORTED" ]  

Else if  [ "$BatchFrequency" = "Monthly" ] && [ "$ModuleBusinessN ame" = "PQR" ] 
&& [ $Status" = "COMPLETED SUCESSFULLY" ] || [ "$Status" = "ABORTED" ] 
mailx –s “Status Report” 
print  ”try again”

Plz suggest the changes.

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Old 06-07-2011
for AND (&&) use --> "-a" option
for OR (||) use --> "-o" option
if [ "$BatchFrequency" = "Daily" -a "$ModuleBusinessName" = "XYZ" -a "$Status" = "COMPLETED SUCESSFULLY" -o "$Status" = "ABORTED" ] 

i think, this might help you.

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Old 06-07-2011
The logical AND and OR conditions will remain same. Use "elif" in place of "Else if" and after the final else with the associated statement end the if block with "fi" .


if [ $int1 = $int2 ]
       echo "int1 is equal to int2"
elif [ $int1 > $int2 ]
       echo "int1 is greater than int2"
     echo "int1 is smaller than int2"

Alternative Way:

is equal to: eq
is not equal to: ne
is greater than: gt
is less than: lt
is greater than or equal to: ge
is less than or equal to: le

-a is same as using &&
-o is same as using ||

Note: Padding of space is mandatory before using '[' and ']'

Thank you.

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Old 06-07-2011
Place the mail part script in a function and try for checking the conditions..
And if your using double square brackets then use && or || , for single square bracket you can use -a or -o
 mailx -s “Status Report” 
if [[ "$BatchFrequency" = "Daily" && "$ModuleBusinessName" = "XYZ" && "$Status" = "COMPLETED SUCESSFULLY" || "$Status" = "ABORTED"  ]]
elsif [[ "$BatchFrequency" = "Weekly" && "$ModuleBusinessName" = "ABC" && "$Status" = "COMPLETED SUCESSFULLY" ||"$Status" = "ABORTED" ]]
elsif [[ "$BatchFrequency" = "Monthly" && "$ModuleBusinessName" = "YUI" && "$Status" = "COMPLETED SUCESSFULLY" ||"$Status" = "ABORTED" ]]
       echo "Try again"

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