Running multiple commands stored as a semi-colon separated string

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Old 06-06-2011
Lightbulb Running multiple commands stored as a semi-colon separated string


Is there a way in Korn Shell that I can run multiple commands stored as a semi-colon separated string, e.g.,

# vs="echo a; echo b;"
# $vs
a; echo b;

I want to be able to store commands in a variable, then run all of it once and pipe the whole output to another program without using any temporary file or storing the individual commands outputs in another shell variable.

I seem to be able to do this directly on command line prompt but why not using a variable:

> ( echo a; echo b ) | wc -l
> vs="( echo a; echo b )"
> $vs | wc -l
bash: (: command not found
> `$vs` | wc -l
bash: (: command not found

Thanks for any help.
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Old 06-06-2011
eval $vs |wc -l


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Old 06-06-2011
Thanks, that worked.
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