To regexp two number separated by \

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Old 06-03-2011
To regexp two number separated by \

Hi All,

I want to extract the numbers which are separated by "/". For example if I have expression like :
Score = 13/11

I want to extract 13 & 11.

Can someone please help with regexp string.

Really appreciate your help

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Old 06-03-2011

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Old 06-03-2011
Based on your sample data, here is one solution:
sed -e 's#.* \(.*\)/\(.*\)#\1 \2#' input_file

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Old 06-03-2011
[My bad for putting wrong output Smilie]
Hi DGPickett

It ain't working :

expect1.3> regexp {\([0-9][\{1,9\}\)[/]\([0-9][\{1,9\}\)} $a match1 match2
couldn't compile regular expression pattern: brackets [] not balanced
while executing

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Old 06-03-2011
Score="13/11"echo "$Score" | cut -d"/" -f1echo "$Score" | cut -d"/" -f2
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Old 06-03-2011
Works in sed -- regex is a layered thing, need to turn on extended regex.
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