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file as input for script

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Old Unix and Linux 11-11-2004   -   Original Discussion by finster
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file as input for script

how do I use a file (comma seperated) as an input for a script in bin/sh?


I have a script that :


echo "$Input1, $Input2, $Input3,$Input4" (or some other function)

If I have a .csv file which lists many rows of input:

etc... (Input1,Input2,Input3,Input4)

How do I use this file for the input of what ever I make the script do? The input will be changed frequently, so I would like to just edit the .csv file, and have the script update the info.

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Old Unix and Linux 11-11-2004   -   Original Discussion by finster
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As long as the number of fields are fixed (and there is no

whitespace in the fields), a quick script like


 while read line
   nocommas=`echo $line | tr ',' ' '`
   set -- $nocommas
   echo "$1 $2 $3 $4"
 done < foo.csv

should do the job

If there is whitespace, then use awk


while read line
  set -- `echo $line | awk -vFS=',' '{print $1,$2,$3,$4}'`
  echo "$1 $2 $3 $4"
done < foo.csv

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