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handling multiple files using awk command and wants to get separate out file for each

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting handling multiple files using awk command and wants to get separate out file for each
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MySQL handling multiple files using awk command and wants to get separate out file for each

hai all
I am new to the world of shell scripting

I wanted to extract two columns from multiple files say around 25 files
and i wanted to get the separate outfile for each input file

tired using the following command to extract two columns from 25 files

awk '/ATOM/ {print $4,$6}' *.A.pdb >all.txt

files names are like 1_A.pdb, 2_A.pdb, ... 25_A.pdb

but the problem is, its giving everything in a single file i dont want to get it like that
is there any other way to get separate files for each input file

please help me in this regard

thanks lot for ur time

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put it in a for loop
for F in *.A.pdb
    awk '/ATOM/ {print $4,$6}' $F  >${F%.A.pdb}.txt

${F%.A.pdb} is to remove .a.pdb at end of filename
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thank a lot
its working fine


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