Bash menu script

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Question Bash menu script

I have a main menu

while [  "$quit"   =   "n"  ] 
echo "1. General system information" 
echo "2. Hardware utilisation information" 
echo "3. File management"
echo "4. User information"
echo "5. Information on network connectivity"
echo "6. Information on processes" 
echo "Q.Quit" 
echo "Enter choice" 
read choice 
case $choice in 
  read junk;;
  read junk;;
  read junk;;
  read junk;;
  read junk;;
  read junk;;
Q|q) quit=y;; 
*) echo "Try Again" 
sleep 1 
echo "Thankyou, Come again"

This is a sub menu

echo "1. Amount of RAM and the percentage used"
echo "2. Amount of swap space and the percentage used"
echo "3. Size of the CPU run queue and the extent to which the CPU is utilised"
echo "4. Main Menu"
echo "Enter choice" 
read choice 
case $choice in 
1)free|awk '/Mem/{print "Total amount of RAM(Kbytes):" $2 "\nAmount of used RAM(%): " (($4 / $2) * 100)}'
echo "Hit the Enter key to continue"
read junk;;
2)free|awk '/Swap/{print "Total amount of Swap Space(Kbytes):" $2 "\nAmount of used Swap Sapce(%): "(($4 / $2) * 100)}'
echo "Hit the Enter key to  continue"
read junk;;
3)vmstat| tail -1 | awk '{print "Size of CPU run queue: " $1}'
top -bn1 | awk '/Cpu/{print "Amount of CPU utilised by us(userspace)(%): " $2 "\nAmount of CPU utilised by sy(system calls)(%): " $3 "\nAmount of CPU utilised by ni(reniced processes)(%): " $4 "\nAmount of CPU utilised by id(idle)(%): " $5 "\nAmount of CPU utilised by wa(waiting for i/o)(%): " $6 "\nAmount of CPU utilised by hi(hardware interrupts)(%): " $7 "\nAmount of CPU utilised by si(software interrupts)(%): " $8 }'
echo "Hit the Enter key to continue"
read junk;;
read junk;;

What do i need to add to stay on the menu when "y" and go go to main menu when "n"

what I have atm just completes one option then quits menu.
I've been at this all day and my i can't see the solution..

I think it will be something like the first menu but i'm not sure how to go back to main when "n" is inputted.

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You need a loop for the sub menu as well, just like for the main menu. Since you are using external scripts you can even keep the same variable names. When n is input it will automatically resume the main menu. You do not need "read junk" in the main menu since there is one in the submenu.
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Have you tried the "select" in bash ?
look there (...)/Bash_scripting_Tutorial#14-bash-select
On that page you can find a lot of other interesting possibilities of the shell.
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We have a coursework/homework forum with dedicated rules. You are welcome to post there following those rules.

The staff here are aware of your course and the assignment that you are doing and have previously banned students who tried to conceal the fact that it was a course assignment.
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