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Add values < or eq to 1000

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Old 11-10-2009
Add values < or eq to 1000

make a list based on the first column key and corresponding value (2nd column-bold) in input1 search values that less than or equal to 1000 (2nd column-bold)in the input2 of the same key along with other columns.

x1 10 hfffhf 646474_jhg
x2 100 jkfgjj 765755_jg

x1 -990 jgjgjggjhgh
x1 -991 jgjhgjgg
x1 1010 nbnmmbmb
x1 1011 jhgjhg
x2 1100 ghjgjhg
x2 1111 jbhgjg
x2 -900 jghgh
x2 -899 97jjkh

x1 10 hfffhf 646474_jhg x1 -990 jgjgjggjhgh
x1 10 hfffhf 646474_jhg x1 1010 nbnmmbmb
x2 100 jkfgjj 765755_jg x2 1100 ghjgjhg
x2 100 jkfgjj 765755_jg x2 -900 jghgh

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Old 11-11-2009
Could you please explain it better !
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Old 11-11-2009
Try this:

awk 'NR==FNR{a[$1]=$0;next}
a[$1] && !($2 % 10) {print a[$1], $0}
' file1 file2

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Old 11-16-2009

I sounded bit rude in the previous mail. My apologies. and Thanx for the code.
The code is giving me trouble when the size of the number increases.

x1 115404863 hfffhf 646474_jhg

x1 115405673 hfffhf 646474_jhg x1 -990 jgjgjggjhgh

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Old 11-16-2009
Sorry, I don't think I understand your question. Can you clarify the question, maybe with more examples?
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Old 11-16-2009
The input1 contain keys in first column (x1,x2 and so on). second column contains values ranging from smaller to largest (1 to 10000000 and so on).Second input is also the same.

Logic is to find the values that are with in +/-1000 with corresponding to values in input1 (along with corresponding columns not shown below)
As you can see below the ist input value is 10000 (the values with in range of +/- 1000 i.e. +1000=11000 and -1000=9000 are in output others are not)

x1  10000

x1   9000
x1   11000
x1   8000
x1   12000

x1  10000  9000
x1   10000  11000

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Old 11-16-2009
Originally Posted by repinementer
As you can see below the ist input value is 10000 (the values with in range of +/- 1000 i.e. +1000=11000 and -1000=9000 are in output others are not)
Please be more specific, I've spend a lot of time trying to understand your question but without any luck (and I'm sure I'm not the only one at all).

What if the value of the 2nd column in the 1st file is 10, 18, 29, 100 or 1000?

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