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Old 11-09-2009
Find command in Korn Shell


I am trying to execute the below in Ksh (telnet)

find ./request.txt -mmin -30

It says

find: bad option -mmin

What i am trying to do is by using find command i am checking wheather the file request.txt is there for 30 minutes or not

Please help
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Old 11-09-2009
The version of find has more to do with the OS you have, than it does to do with the shell. find is an external (/usr/bin/find) command. You want files that
are less than 30 minutes old with a non GNU version of find:

This works
app> date
Mon Nov  9 13:57:57 MST 2009
app> touch -t 200911091257 dummy
app> find . -type f   ! -newer dummy -name request.txt

Note you need to specify a directory, not a filename
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