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Old 11-09-2009

echo -n "CCD017950F0959D5"|openssl des -d -nosalt -nopad -pass pass:abcccc31dd92ef6b|xxd -p

I have a hexadecimal value of 8 byte (16 hexadecimal values) and I want crypt with a DES KEY of 16 hexadecimal values.
The output must be of the same lenght.
I think the command abowe is incorrect.
What's the correct command???
Thanks to any response!

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Old 11-09-2009
The -d option is for decoding - not encoding.
$ echo -n "CCD017950F0959D5" | openssl des  -nosalt -nopad -pass pass:abcccc31dd92ef6b | wc -c
$ echo -n "CCD017950F0959D5" | openssl des  -nosalt -nopad -pass pass:abcccc31dd92ef6b > encoded
$ file encoded
encoded: data
$ cat encoded | openssl des -d -nosalt -nopad -pass pass:abcccc31dd92ef6b

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Old 11-09-2009
Thanks for the reply!
ok but this command encode the value CCD017950... as a text string with a text pass. Or not?

I want the encode in exadecimal.

Any solution?

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