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Awk: Remove comma at the end of the string

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Old 11-09-2009
Thank you Johnson.
Your code worked like charm.

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Originally Posted by danmero
We can change the expansion order:
ts="UID:               ABC345QWE678GFK345SA90, LENGTH 32"
echo ${ts#*:}

or using awk
echo "UID:  ABC345QWE678GFK345SA90, LENGTH 32"|awk '{sub(",","");print $2}'

or sed
echo "UID:  ABC345QWE678GFK345SA90, LENGTH 32" | sed 's/.* \(.*\),.*/\1/'

Hi Dan
Can you please explain me what is happenning in the sed command
sed 's/.* \(.*\),.*/\1/' temp.txt).It worked for me bit i didn't understand.

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