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Old 11-06-2009
I have a file FILE1.DAT like below

21111111110001343 000001004OLF-AA029100020091112
21111111110000060 000001004ODL-CH001000020091112
24444444440001416 000001045OLF-AA011800020091112
23333333330001695 000001039OLF-AA030600020091112
23333333330000111 000001039ODL-SP002000020091112
23333333330000060 000001039ODL-CH001000020091112
22222222220000780 000001013OLF-AA006500020091112

i like to append the values only for the position 28:33

21111111110001343 000001004OLF-1E029100020091112
21111111110000060 000001004ODL-3C001000020091112
24444444440001416 000001045OLF-1E011800020091112
23333333330001695 000001039OLF-1E030600020091112
23333333330000111 000001039ODL-2S002000020091112
23333333330000060 000001039ODL-3C001000020091112
22222222220000780 000001013OLF-1E006500020091112

This i want in .KSH script, thanks in advance.

i have the following data in the FILE1

21111111110000204 000029148OLF-AA006300020091112
22222222220004038 000002304OLF-AA012500020091112 0003231 0000060
23333333330003265 000002315OLF-AA039300020091112 0000415
24444444440001344 000009896OLF-AA011200020091112 0000120
25555555550001778 000002331OLF-AA021400020091112
26666666660001098 000002336OLF-AA003400020091112 0000969
27777777770002653 000002349OLF-AA047900020091112
28888888880000636 000026198OLF-AA005300020091112
29999999990000244 000029309OLF-AA004800020091112
21231231230001440 000010268OLF-AA012000020091112 0001200
24564564560004404 000002368OLF-AA020300020091112

i like to append only those line having empty space for the position 50-56 & 58-64 with 7 zeros 0000000 (eg: record line 7, 8 & 9)

the outfile FILE2.txt should be like this

21111111110000204 000029148OLF-AA006300020091112 0000000 0000000
22222222220004038 000002304OLF-AA012500020091112 0003231 0000060
23333333330003265 000002315OLF-AA039300020091112 0000415 0000000
24444444440001344 000009896OLF-AA011200020091112 0000120 0000000
25555555550001778 000002331OLF-AA021400020091112 0000000 0000000
26666666660001098 000002336OLF-AA003400020091112 0000969 0000000
27777777770002653 000002349OLF-AA047900020091112 0000000 0000000
28888888880000636 000026198OLF-AA005300020091112 0000000 0000000
29999999990000244 000029309OLF-AA004800020091112 0000000 0000000
21231231230001440 000010268OLF-AA012000020091112 0001200 0000000
24564564560004404 000002368OLF-AA020300020091112 0000000 0000000

this i like to have in .KSH script

thxs in adv.

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Old 11-06-2009
sed 's/OLF-AA/OLF-1E/;s/ODL-SP/ODL-2S/;s/ODL-CH/ODL-3C/' infile

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Old 11-06-2009

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