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Curious question? How to put a string into two columns.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Curious question? How to put a string into two columns.
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Old 11-06-2009
How did you put these empty lines?
I took the lazy option of modifying the original script

 /.log/ && P { print "" }    # if the last line had ".log" in it (P > 0) print a blank line
 /.log/ { P=1 } # indicate we have a line with ".log" in it, the above line will evaluate to true if the next line has a ".log" in it


/^HF/ { printf $2 " "; getline; print $2; P=0 }

If a line starts with HF get the next line and print both together, reset P to say this line doesn't have ".log" in it. The HF= part is removed by using = as the field separator (-F=)

Or something like that!

I wouldn't really describe it as powerful.

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Originally Posted by liuzhencc
Very strange thing took place! see the following lines
< awk -F= '/.log/ && P { print "" }/.log/ { P=1 }/^HF/ { printf $2 "           " ; getline; print $2; P=0 }' TE.txt >> test7
> awk -F= '/.log/ && P { print "" }/.log/ { P=1 }/^HF/ { printf $2 "           " ; getline; print $2; p=0 }' TE.txt >> test7

I thought they are exactly the same code. But the outputs are totally different. The first line gave the correct output but the second line didn't.
They're not the same. The second one has a lowercase p in the /^HF/ action. Variable names are case-sensitive in UNIX (almost universally so).

I should have used a less ambiguous variable name than P (which does look like p)!

(instead of editing your previous posts, it helps if you reply to the thread. that way I can see your updates more easily - I'm notified that way)

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