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Error using SCP command

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Old 11-06-2009
Error using SCP command

Hi -
I've a UNIX script which contains a scp command to copy a file to another server: scp <source path> <destination server:/path>
(scp dir1/file1.dat server2:/dir1/subdir1)

The job which is running this script is getting failed with error message "Remote copy Failed - Error Code: 7". When I'm checking the destination server I'm finding the whole file is successfully copied. I also checked manual page of scp and saw error code:7 means permission issue.

I'm still not been able to find out what's the reason of this message! Not sure where this "permission issue" lies!

Please help me to proceed further with this.


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PARALLEL-SCP(1) 														   PARALLEL-SCP(1)

parallel-scp - parallel versions of scp SYNOPSIS
parallel-scp [OPTIONS] -h hosts.txt local remote DESCRIPTION
pssh provides a number of commands for executing against a group of computers, using SSH. It's most useful for operating on clusters of homogenously-configured hosts. parallel-scp copy files in parallel to a set of machines. OPTIONS
-r --recursive recusively copy directories (OPTIONAL) -h --hosts hosts file (each line "host[:port] [user]") -l --user username (OPTIONAL) -p --par max number of parallel threads (OPTIONAL) -o --outdir output directory for stdout files (OPTIONAL) -e --errdir output directory for stderr files (OPTIONAL) -t --timeout timeout (secs) (-1 = no timeout) per host (OPTIONAL) -O --options SSH options (OPTIONAL) -v --verbose turn on warning and diagnostic messages (OPTIONAL) EXAMPLE
The following example runs hostname on three machines (IPs or hostnames) specified in the file ips.txt using login irb2 and saves the output in /tmp/foo. # parallel-scp -h ips.txt -l irb2 /etc/hosts /tmp/hosts Success on Success on Success on ENVIRONMENT
All four programs take similar sets of options. All of these options can be set using the following environment variables: o PSSH_HOSTS o PSSH_USER o PSSH_PAR o PSSH_OUTDIR o PSSH_VERBOSE o PSSH_OPTIONS SEE ALSO
parallel-ssh(1), parallel-slurp(1), parallel-nuke(1), parallel-rsync(1), ssh(1), scp(1), AUTHOR
Brent N. Chun <> COPYING
Copyright: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Brent N. Chun NOTES
1. 03/30/2009 PARALLEL-SCP(1)

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