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how to delete records with the given line numbers

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting how to delete records with the given line numbers
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Old 11-01-2009
how to delete records with the given line numbers

I have a file which has about 10000 records and I need to delete about 50 records from the file. I know line numbers and am using
sed '134,1357,......d' filename > new file

It does not seem to be working.
Please Advice

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Old 11-01-2009
sed '134d;1357d;......d' filename > new file

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Old 11-01-2009

sed '134,1357 {
' file.txt > out_file

write the code as above literally...where the begin line#=134 & end line#=1357 or you can change them to what ever you want.
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Old 11-01-2009
That is a range of more than the 50 lines the OP mentioned. I got the impression he meant 50 distinct single lines of which he knows the line numbers
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Old 11-01-2009
ok my code is to delete the line between ranges..I have understand that but if the lines are not after each other the only way is you way..

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Old 11-02-2009
Thanks SCRUTINIZER works perfect.

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