Comparing directories on different unix servers

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Old 10-29-2009
Comparing directories on different unix servers

Is it possible to use the diff command to compare two directories on different Unix (AIX) servers?

We have two regions set up and we want to be able to compare if the scripts directory in both regions contain the same files?

I want to figure out if its possible.. Have been messing around by dumping the listing of each dir into separate files and comparing them with diff.. But that doesn't work the way i need it to..

Is there any other command out there that could work?



Can something like this work?? I've tried it from the command line but it gives the following error.

ksh: syntax error: `(' unexpected

diff <(ssh server_name 'cd directory_to_compare; find . -type f -exec {} \;| sort -k 2') <(ssh servername2 'cd directory_to_compare; find . -type f -exec {} \;| sort -k 2') >> diff_report.txt

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Old 10-30-2009
don't understand your command, there is no command follow by -exec, if the missed command is ls, then you needn't -exec, use -print (or not, -print is default for find) will export the file list.

Because there is no command for -exec, I don't understand what you sort for.

diff <(ssh server_name 'find directory_to_compare -type f | sort') <(ssh server_name 'find directory_to_compare -type f | sort')

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Old 10-30-2009
Ok, maybe I don't need the sort.. Just tried

diff <(ssh paehowup2303 'find /home/x136873 -type f') <(ssh njros1up2303 'find /home/x136873 -type f')

still getting ksh: syntax error: `(' unexpected

I'm running this straight from command line at the minute.. do i need the ' in the command?
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Old 10-30-2009
In which shell do you run the command?

Try if you have bash.

bash diff <(ssh paehowup2303 find /home/x136873 -type f) <(ssh njros1up2303 find /home/x136873 -type f)

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Old 10-30-2009
Korn shell..

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Would it be possible to use the "rsync --dry-run" option to find differences in directories on separate servers.. Only just come across the command and not sure how it works.. The man pages are pretty long.. When comparing the directories can the command work over ssh? I'm can't get my head around how the command works...

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Old 10-31-2009
In Korn shell I would expect something more like this: -

diff <$(ssh paehowup2303 'find /home/x136873 -type f')  <$(ssh njros1up2303 'find /home/x136873 -type f')

The $ gets rid of the unexpected ( error but I think it still wont work as the diff is expecting file names
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Old 10-31-2009
No, the syntax is correct with the <(..) constructs. Jazzmania, my guess would be that you are running ksh88 on the system you are firing the command from. What happens if you run this:
(echo ${.sh.version}) 2>&- || echo ksh88

Perhaps /bin/ksh93 is present on your system too. If so try start up that shell and try running the command from there.

Originally Posted by Jazmania
.. do i need the ' in the command?
No, you can leave them out.

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