Problems when automating sftp

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Old 10-28-2009
Problems when automating sftp

Hi Guys,

I am working on a shell script, which gets log files from a windows machine.


1. My server doesn't support FTP, so i am using SFTP

2. I am not able to automate sftp using public key generation technique, because i need to access many windows machines using this script.

so please let me know if is there any way to automate sftp?
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SFTP-SERVER(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					    SFTP-SERVER(8)

sftp-server -- SFTP server subsystem SYNOPSIS
sftp-server [-ehR] [-f log_facility] [-l log_level] [-u umask] DESCRIPTION
sftp-server is a program that speaks the server side of SFTP protocol to stdout and expects client requests from stdin. sftp-server is not intended to be called directly, but from sshd(8) using the Subsystem option. Command-line flags to sftp-server should be specified in the Subsystem declaration. See sshd_config(5) for more information. Valid options are: -e Causes sftp-server to print logging information to stderr instead of syslog for debugging. -f log_facility Specifies the facility code that is used when logging messages from sftp-server. The possible values are: DAEMON, USER, AUTH, LOCAL0, LOCAL1, LOCAL2, LOCAL3, LOCAL4, LOCAL5, LOCAL6, LOCAL7. The default is AUTH. -h Displays sftp-server usage information. -l log_level Specifies which messages will be logged by sftp-server. The possible values are: QUIET, FATAL, ERROR, INFO, VERBOSE, DEBUG, DEBUG1, DEBUG2, and DEBUG3. INFO and VERBOSE log transactions that sftp-server performs on behalf of the client. DEBUG and DEBUG1 are equivalent. DEBUG2 and DEBUG3 each specify higher levels of debugging output. The default is ERROR. -R Places this instance of sftp-server into a read-only mode. Attempts to open files for writing, as well as other operations that change the state of the filesystem, will be denied. -u umask Sets an explicit umask(2) to be applied to newly-created files and directories, instead of the user's default mask. For logging to work, sftp-server must be able to access /dev/log. Use of sftp-server in a chroot configuration therefore requires that syslogd(8) establish a logging socket inside the chroot directory. SEE ALSO
sftp(1), ssh(1), sshd_config(5), sshd(8) T. Ylonen and S. Lehtinen, SSH File Transfer Protocol, draft-ietf-secsh-filexfer-00.txt, January 2001, work in progress material. HISTORY
sftp-server first appeared in OpenBSD 2.8. AUTHORS
Markus Friedl <> BSD
January 9, 2010 BSD