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Header as is.. trailer count

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Old 10-27-2009
Header as is.. trailer count

i have .DAT file FILE1.DAT

2123456789 J123456 ABC
2123456789 K123456 ABC
2222222222 L123456 DEF
2333333333 M12345 GHI

My outfile FILE2.TXT should have like this, I need the header value as ie (1200910270040625 ) body rows remove the duplicate rows and the trailer it should have the total count of the body records ie 3 body records the trailer value should be 30000003

2123456789 J123456 ABC
2222222222 L123456 DEF
2333333333 M12345 GHI


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Old 10-27-2009

awk '
  NR == 1 { print; next }
  NF == 1 { exit }
  !x[$1]++ { print; ++total }
END { printf "3%07d\n", total }
' "$file"

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Old 10-27-2009
awk 'NR>1 && NF{c++}1 END{ printf "3%07d\n",c}' file

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