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Question Runtime informations - bash script


I'm running a bash script and I'd like to get more accurate a runtime information then now.

So far I've been using this method:

STARTM=`date -u "+%s"`
*script function....
STOPM=`date -u "+%s"`
if (($RUNTIMEM>59)); then
TTIMEM=`printf "%dm%ds\n" $((RUNTIMEM/60%60)) $((RUNTIMEM%60))`
TTIMEM=`printf "%ds\n" $((RUNTIMEM))`

echo "Executing "script function" took: $TTIMEM"

However the script often runs under one second, so the result is 0s.

I'd like it display a more accurate runtime, best 0.015s or 1.123s and so on...

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You could try using "time":

time {

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Originally Posted by scottn

You could try using "time":

time {

Thanks but that's not an option... I do not really echo the $TTIMEM var... that was just an example... I pass it to another script... and then my script goes on and does different stuff...

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Would this work perhaps (using GNU date)?:
res1=$(date +%s.%N)
sleep 1
res2=$(date +%s.%N)
echo "Start time: $res1"
echo "Stop time:  $res2"
echo "Elapsed:    $(( res2 - res1 ))"

$> ./test2
Start time: 1256415694.189522104
Stop time:  1256415695.193247576
Elapsed:    1.00372547202277929

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