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Problem - script that parses $date data...

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Old 10-24-2009
Problem - script that parses $date data...

This is probably archaic, but I'm new to unix and this is my first shell script. I'm writing this script to use in another script. All I am trying to do is make the parts of the output from date usable in my other script. I was wondering if you could stand looking at this and see if you notice why I can't get my last line to execute.

#! /bin/sh
wday=`date | head -c +3`
echo "$wday"
cyear=`date | tail -c -5`
echo "$cyear"
ahour=`date | head -c +13 | tail -c +12 -`
if [$ahour - 12 -ge 0]
thour=`expr $ahour - 12`
thour=`12 - $ahour`

if [$wday == Mon]
wday= 'Monday'
if [$wday == Tue]
wday= 'Tuesday'
if [$wday == Wed]
wday= 'Wednesday'
if [$wday == Thu]
wday= 'Thursday'
if [$wday == Fri]
wday= 'Friday'
if [$wday == Sat]
wday= 'Saturday'
if [$wday == Sun]
wday= 'Sunday'
echo "$wday"
echo "The time is $thour $x."
exit 0

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Old 10-24-2009
this date command will display the desired o/p
date +'%A %I:%M:%S %p'

Saturday 01:53:49 PM
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Old 10-24-2009
Thank you, that works very well. But I can't just grab the day of the week out as a variable. I also can't grab the year. I am trying to use my script to make the data available. Some of the commands (as the one you made so simple) are just there for troubleshooting.

Can you help me make my script work?
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Old 10-24-2009
you can grab them in any variable you want...
date +'%A %I:%M:%S %p %Y'|read wday thour x cyear
echo $wday $thour $x $cyear

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Old 10-24-2009
Hmm... I tried that, and when I put in $echo $wday, I get 'Sat'. For the other variables I get nothing...?

I then broke up the first bit you gave me, date +'%A' | read wday and this still gives me just Sat. How do I get it to display Saturday?

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Hmm... I tried that, and when I put in $echo $wday, I get 'Sat'. For the other variables I get nothing...?

I then broke up the first bit you gave me, date +'%A' | read wday and this still gives me just Sat. How do I get it to display Saturday?
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Old 10-24-2009

The solution from vidyadhar85 works fine in KSH.

A bash solution, using a here string:

read wday thour x cyear <<< $(date +'%A %I:%M:%S %p %Y')

This also works in newer Korn shells.

As for %A, from the date man page:
%A locale's full weekday name (e.g., Sunday)
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Old 10-24-2009
Thanks, that works perfectly. Care to explain how that statement works? Can you use that sort of statement to parse any data or just the date statement?

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