script to eliminate left and right fields and to get the ouput.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting script to eliminate left and right fields and to get the ouput.
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Old 10-22-2009
Hello ghostdog74, I am not sure what you mean:
$> echo 'Sun Jan 11 /a.b 11:20:10 2009 1 0 /home/output/file2311_recent.list.list user1.bla user2 0 done' |grep -o '/[^.]*[^ ]*'

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Old 10-22-2009
pls see below simulation
$ more file
Sun Jan 11 11:20:10 2009 1 0 /home/output/file2311_recent.list user1 user2 0 done
Sun Jan 11 11:20:10 2009 1 0 /home/output/file2312 jan recent.list firstname.lastname user2 0 done
Sun Jan 11 11:20:10 2009 1 0 /home/output/Output.2313 feb recent.text user1 user2 0 done
$ grep -o '/[^.]*[^ ]*' file
/home/output/file2312 jan recent.list

first two is ok, last is not. because there is "." in file name. whereas going by fields, results should always be consistent
#  python -c "for line in open('file'): print ' '.join(line.split()[7:-4])"
/home/output/file2312 jan recent.list
/home/output/Output.2313 feb recent.text

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Old 10-22-2009
All the codes are great, Many Thanks!,
Scrutinizer , thanks for explaining the regular expression, it is crystal clear .

Thanks Ghostdog74 for pointing out the extra dot in file name issue(.)
The idea with eliminating the left and right fields and keeping the desired one makes it perfect. sed is fine except the extra . , nawk couldnt check, rev & python worked very well, Tx. Rveri.
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Old 10-23-2009
awk '{for(i=8;i<=NF-4;i++)
        printf $i" "
        printf "\n"

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