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Find sum of 4 columns

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Old 10-21-2009
Find sum of 4 columns


I have a file GLDATA with the fields like below.

I want to write a code to sum up the second column for values from 200909 to 200906, and 200908 to 200805, and 200907 to 200904, and so on. It can simply display it on the console for now.

Can it be done in very simple command instead of big script?

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Old 10-21-2009
awk -F, '{A[NR]=$2; print sum+=$2-A[NR-4]; delete A[NR-4]}' GLDATA


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Old 10-21-2009
Different solution, different results Smilie
awk -F, '{a[$1]=$2}END{for(i in a){x=(((i-3) in a)?(i-3):(((i-2) in a)?(i-2):(((i-1) in a)?(i-1):"")));printf "%-15s= %s\n",(x)?i"-"x:i,a[i]+a[(i-1)]+a[(i-2)]}}' file
200904         = 21
200905-200902  = 41
200906-200903  = 66
200907-200904  = 64
200908-200905  = 66
200909-200906  = 61

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Old 10-22-2009
Indeed Smilie. It depends if e.g. 2009-2006 means including 2006 or not.
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Old 10-23-2009
my @tmp=<DATA>;
my @t1 = map {chomp;my @tmp=split(",",$_);$tmp[1]} @tmp;
for(my $i=0;$i<=$#t1-3;$i++){
  print $t1[$i]+$t1[$i+1]+$t1[$i+2]+$t1[$i+3],"\n";

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