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copy the contents between two keywords to a new file.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting copy the contents between two keywords to a new file.
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Old 10-19-2009
Network copy the contents between two keywords to a new file.

Hi All,

I want to edit my gate level netlists by searching for the content between two patterns


ff1 \test/a0 ( .CLK(\test/ClkInt0_acb_00x1 ),.D(\test/Rakicc ), .QB(\test/X [1]), .VDD(1'b1), .VSS(1'b0));
ff1 \test/a1 ( .CLK(\test/medis0_acb_00x1 ),.D(\test/hedwc ), .QB(\test/X [1]), .VDD(1'b1), .VSS(1'b0));
ff1 \test/a2 ( .CLK(\test/tergus_acb_00x1 ),.D(\test/Ddec ), .QB(\test/X [1]), .VDD(1'b1), .VSS(1'b0));

i need to grep the contents after ".CLK(" and before "),.D" and copy it to a new file.

Kindly help me with this.

Thanks a bunch
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Old 10-19-2009
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sed 's/.*CLK(\(.*\) ),\.D.*/\1/' file

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Old 10-19-2009
Data part two of the problem i Have

thanks a lot danmero
i am new to shell scripting. Kindly help me with this if possible.

now that i have my list I need to replace them as follows

inv in_0 (.A(\test/ClkInt0_acb_00x1 ),.VDD(VDD),.VSS(VSS),.Z(i_0)); 
nand nd2_0 (.A(i_0), .B(VDD),.VDD(VDD),.VSS(VSS),.Z(nd_0));
ff1 \test/a0  ( .CLK(nd_0),.D(\test/Rakicc ), .QB(\test/X [1]), .VDD(1'b1), .VSS(1'b0), .A(tmp_0), .B(tmp_1) ); 

inv in_1 (.A(\test/medis0_acb_00x1 ),.VDD(VDD),.VSS(VSS),.Z(i_1)); 
nand nd2_1 (.A(i_1), .B(VDD),.VDD(VDD),.VSS(VSS),.Z(nd_1));
ff1 \test/a1  ( .CLK(nd_1)),.D(\test/hedwc ), .QB(\test/X [1]), .VDD(1'b1), .VSS(1'b0),.A(tmp_1), .B(tmp_2) );

nv in_2 (.A(\test/tergus_acb_00x1 ),.VDD(VDD),.VSS(VSS),.Z(i_2)); 
nand nd2_2 (.A(i_2), .B(VDD),.VDD(VDD),.VSS(VSS),.Z(nd_2));
ff1 \test/a2  ( .CLK(nd_2)),.D(\test/Ddec ), .QB(\test/X [1]), .VDD(1'b1), .VSS(1'b0),.A(tmp_2), .B(tmp_3) ); 

I am using a lengthy workaround. i Initially generate a list using

while [ $i -lt $2 ]; do
echo "nv in_$i (.A(),.VDD(VDD),.VSS(VSS),.Z(i_$i)); 
 nand nd2_$i (.A(i_$i), .B(VDD),.VDD(VDD),.VSS(VSS),.Z(nd_$i));
(.CLK(nd_$i)),.D(), .QB(), .VDD(1'b1), .VSS(1'b0),.A(tmp_$i), .B(tmp_$j) ); "  >> temp_list.v

and then i manually replace other data. Could anyone help me with an easier workaround please?

Thanks again

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Old 10-19-2009
while read -r line
    case $line in 
        *CLK\(* ) 
            echo $line
done < "file"

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Old 10-20-2009
Hi All,
Could someone help me with the issue I have posted..

Thanks a lot
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Old 10-20-2009
Don't bump your question and try to explain what's the relationship between your first and second post.
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Old 10-21-2009
Can someone out there help me with some shell scripting for the problem posted above????

Thanks a lot..

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