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Old 10-15-2009
Parsing Array - Newbie


I'm a newbie to the world of programming and so i decided to learn perl. I'm working on a project that telnets into a Cisco router and eliminates a specific line but i can't seem to get the thing to work. I dump the output into an array but i'm having a difficult time looking for the string in the array. Any suggestions? Here is the code:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use warnings;
use Net::Telnet;

my $ip = $ARGV[0];
my $pass = "xxxx";
my $pass2 = "xxxxx";
my $t=new Net::Telnet(Errmode=>'return',Input_Log => "/tmp/input.log", Output_Log =>
my $file = "/tmp/input.log";

 if($t->errmsg) { my $err=$t->errmsg; return $err; }
 my ($prompt) = $t->waitfor('/Password: $/');
    if($t->errmsg) { my $err=$t->errmsg; return $err; }
    $t->waitfor('/Password: $/');
    my @out=$t->cmd(String=>'sh run | inc connect',Prompt=>'/#$/');
    my $line = @out;
    t->print("config t");
    $t->print(" no $line") if $line =~ '/^connect sgsn/';

    ##### email results of cross connect bounce ####

    my $to = '';
    chomp (my $date=`date '+%H:%M:%S %Z %a %b %e %Y'`);
    my $subj="\"Cross Connects Bounced\"";
                open(MAILX, "|/usr/bin/mailx -s $subj $to");
                print MAILX "The cross connects for $ip were bounced at $date, @out\n";

Once the script logs into the router it executes a "sh run | inc connect " and dumps an output like so into an array.
connect sgsn Serial1/0:6 701 l2transport
xconnect 701 pw-class fr-xconnect

The next job is to search for the connect sgsn Serial1/0:6 701 l2transport to see if it has it in the array and if it does i want the script to type into the prompt "no connect sgsn Serial1/0:6 701 l2transport"

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Old 10-28-2009
I do not know that module you are using but there are several hints for you:
1. If you are learning then you should know that perl is perfect to create hash of hashes of hashes of ...
2. If you use a huge global hash that keeps everything then you never know where the hash is used / updated.
3. Perl is difficult to maintain - this is why Google moved to Python.

4. Telnet is in no way secure.
5. SSH is far superior over telnet.
6. You should never expect that 2nd side (telnet server in that case) returns something you expected. If it does not then your code would hang.
7. Can you set input & output as 1 file? Can you attach then here? It might be that there is some sync issue... and you should include them to get help.

8. You should not use
print "some @array";

The array contains multiple elements and you would see reference to the array rather than its content. You might try
for each (@array) { print $_;}

print(join($array));#There should be join separator somewhere but I do not remember on which place

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