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"directory checksum error" when attempting to install tcl

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting "directory checksum error" when attempting to install tcl
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Old 10-13-2009
Java "directory checksum error" when attempting to install tcl


Programs I want to install: expect and tcl

I'm lost.

I bought the book.

I began reading the book.

I want to install expect.

I've been able to download the .z, and extract it successfully.

But, of course, it apparently needs tcl and possibly tk also, and ... I am not sure about how to set all of these up together.

Also, I did attempt to extract the .gz of tcl, but I get an error: "directory checksum error" What am I doing wrong?

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dtc_install_centos(8)					      System Manager's Manual					     dtc_install_centos(8)

dtc_install_centos - bootstrap a CentOS install to use in a chroot or VM SYNOPSIS
dtc_install_centos <install root> <yum environment> DESCRIPTION
This shell script is part of the dtc-xen package, generally to be used by the dtc panel to install a new a Xen VPS server. This script is called by dtc_reinstall_os when the user chooses to install the CentOS operating system. How it works: it generates a temporary yum configuration in the yum environment directory, that directs yum to act inside the install root instead of in the base system; then it kindly requests yum to install the basesystem, centos-release and yum packages onto it. Yum then uses the configuration to download the required (usually, security-updated) packages and then perform the RPM installation process under the install root. It requires both RPM and yum. It does work under Debian (it was developed in Ubuntu first). It should also work on RPM-based systems without destroying the system-wide RPM and yum configurations. OPTION
<install root> Target directory where CentOS will be deployed. Must exist beforehand. <yum environment> Directory where yum will store the repository manifests and configuration. Will be automatically created. Cached RPMs and manifests will be left, as usual, in a directory var/cache/yum inside the install root. EXAMPLE
dtc_install_centos /root/yum /xen/13 This will setup the operating system in /xen/13, with the CentOS configuration folder in /root/yum. BUGS
It's limited to CentOS 5 at the moment. It must be run as root. Under some circumstances, the installation process itself may kill processes running on the host machine. The chroot yum does should be sufficient to avoid this, but we haven't been able, yet, to ascertain why this fails sometimes. SEE ALSO
dtc_reinstall_os(8) VERSION
This documentation describes dtc_install_os version 0.3.1. See for updates. dtc_install_centos(8)

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