How create function valid birthday format dd-mm-yyyy

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Old 10-13-2009
How create function valid birthday format dd-mm-yyyy

I write a small shell script create Payroll System my trouble is valid format birthday dd-mm-yyyy when you enter birthday if your value enter not match with format dd-mm-yyyy system will display "Fail Format Please re-enter Birthday with format dd-mm-yyyy" but i don't know how create function valid birthday?? Thanks Unix Expert
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Old 10-13-2009

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You can easily search the forums using our internal Google search engine or our advanced internal search engine. You can also search our huge UNIX and Linux database by user generated tags or search the database for unanswered questions and provide an answer.

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Check this thread:
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Old 10-14-2009
thanks mod
but i try to search in forum but i do not find my problem
My problem is
when you enter number of birthday and check it match with date format dd/mm/yyyy
if true next step else prompt "Please try again . . ."
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Old 10-14-2009
With the given link above you should be able to give it a shot yourself.

Play around with it and come with specific questions about why particular lines in your code don't work.

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