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Old 10-10-2009
Get Options and Parameters

Hi there.

Could someone explain how do i get the options separated from the arguments. My problem is that i have a lot of options and in all of those options i need to have the parameters available to use in that option and all the others. How can i take the arguments before i cycle throw the options?

Thanks in advance.
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Old 10-10-2009

Perhaps you're looking for getopts?
man getopts

(it's a built-in feature, so search for getopts)

bash code:
  1. while getopts a:bc: ARG; do
  2.   case "$ARG" in
  3.     a) echo Option A with $OPTARG;;
  4.     b) echo Option B;;
  5.     c) echo Option C with $OPTARG;;
  6.   esac
  7. done

./Test -a argument_a -b -c argument_c
Option A with argument_a
Option B
Option C with argument_c

A colon after the a and c (getopts a:bc:) means that the option takes an argument.

If your arguments have more than one word, put the words in quotes.

./Test -a "argument a" -b -c "argument c"
Option A with argument a
Option B
Option C with argument c

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Old 10-10-2009
That is a good example thank you.
But that's not the example that I have. I have something like this -sd -r -e Dir1/Dir2 Dir3/Dir4

This exemplifies that MyScript receives one or more options and one or more directories (the arguments for the script are folders where I need to look for files according to the options).
First I have the options and after that I have the arguments. But after I run the first option I have to have all the arguments already available in a variable or something. Is there a way to accomplish this without the getops? I know i have to use shift.

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Old 10-10-2009
bash code:
  1. #set -A ARGS $( echo "$@" | sed "s/.*-[a-z]\+ //")
  2. ARGS=( $( echo "$@" | sed "s/.*-[a-z]\+ //") )
  4. echo "Args: ${ARGS[*]}"
  5. echo "Arg 1: ${ARGS[0]}"
  6. echo "Arg 2: ${ARGS[1]}"
  8. while test "$1"; do
  9.   case "$1" in
  10.     -sd) echo Option sd;;
  11.     -r) echo Option r;;
  12.     -e) echo Option e;;
  13.     *) break;;
  14.   esac
  15.   shift
  16. done
  19. ./Test -sd -r -e Dir1/Dir2 Dir3/Dir4
  20. Args: Dir1/Dir2 Dir3/Dir4
  21. Arg 1: Dir1/Dir2
  22. Arg 2: Dir3/Dir4
  23. Option sd
  24. Option r
  25. Option e
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Old 10-10-2009
Wow cool man. Thanks a lot. You have helped a lot. Smilie
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