file handling in perl without using system command

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Old 10-09-2009
file handling in perl without using system command

Hi ,

Is there any way to achieve following using perl program (i.e without using system command).

1.system ("echo 'test' > /usr/spool/ship.csv");
2.system ("cat /usr/ajay_test* >> /usr/spool/RAM/work/patil.csv");
3.system("> /usr/spool/ajay.txt");


for system("rm -f /usr/ajay.txt");
we can use
unlink "/usr/ajay.txt");


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Old 10-09-2009
open FH, ">test.txt";

print FH "testing data";

Note: perl file handling, google shows this first, Perl File Handling: open, read, write and close files -- google and learn it will be much more interesting.
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