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Old 10-07-2009
KSH Output/Strip portion of file in HP-UX

I have a file, we'll call it file.txt. It has thousands of lines of all kinds of output at any given time (ie. foo bar foo bar)

I need to copy out just a portion of the file from Point-A to Point-B. I'd like to save off just that portion to a file called test123xyz.txt.

How do I do that?

1. foo
2. bar
3. foo
4. bar
5. <<<BEGIN test123xyz (<--Point-A)
6. foo
7. bar
8. foo
9. bar
991. foo
992. bar
993. foo
994. bar
995. >>>END test123xyz (<--Point-B)
996. foo
997. bar
998. foo

Now the good thing is, there are markers where I need to make the copy happen (ie. <<<BEGIN test123xyz)

I'm sure this is a simple grep, sed, awk or something that I can do but I've tried everything I know of with no success. Any ideas?

HP-UX 11.31, korn shell scripting.
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Old 10-07-2009
nawk ' ( $0 ~ /<<<BEGIN test123xyz/ ) || ( />>>END test123xyz/ ) { limits = limits" "NR } END { print limits } ' infile | 
xargs -i nawk -v limits={} ' BEGIN{ split( limits, n) } ( NR > n[1] ) && ( NR < n[2] ) ' infile > test123xyz.txt

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Old 10-07-2009
bash code:
  1. C="Point-A"
  2. awk '
  3.  /'$C'/ { P = 1; next }
  4.  /END/ && P { exit }
  5.  P
  6. ' file1 | tee test123xyz.txt
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Old 10-07-2009

Two questions: -

Why not: -

awk '
 /BEGIN/ { P = 1; next }
 /END/ { exit }
 ' infile

instead of '$C'?

and why does the P on its own line make this work?
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Old 10-07-2009
What 's wrong with a good ol'e shell script Smilie
ksh/bash/zsh/sh code:
  1. while read lineno line; do
  2.   case $line in
  3.     "<<<"*) exec 4>&1 >${line#* } ;; # save old handle, redirect output
  4.     ">>>"*) exec >&4              ;; # restore old handle
  5.          *) echo $lineno $line    ;;
  6.   esac
  7. done < infile  > outfile
It wasn't clear to me if filenumbers are part of your input files. If not, the script becomes:
ksh/bash/zsh/sh code:
  1. while read line; do
  2.   case $line in
  3.     "<<<"*) exec 4>&1 >${line#* } ;; # save old handle, redirect output
  4.     ">>>"*) exec >&4              ;; # restore old handle
  5.          *) echo $line            ;;
  6.   esac
  7. done < infile  > outfile

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Old 10-07-2009

$C was to show how shell variable could be used inside the awk (for example if it was an argument to the script:



It could have been done in other ways

/Point-A/ { ... }

awk '
'  C=Point-A

(and then refer to it as C instead of $C)
awk -v C=Point-A '
' ...

Matching "BEGIN" isn't enough anyway, as there are many BEGINs, but hopefully only one Point-A.

P makes it work because when P is true (i.e. 1) the default action (print) is executed. P is set when $C is matched.

Hoi, Scrutinizer, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the good ol' shell script! AWK is just faster if you have a fair amount of data.

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Old 10-08-2009
Thanks for the explanation.

It finally dawned on me last night that it must be because P evaluates true so nice and compact code, thanks.

I followed the alternatives you gave except this one: -

awk '
'  C=Point-A

How does setting C after the awk work?
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