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sort file text by date as a "ls -t"

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting sort file text by date as a "ls -t"
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Old 10-05-2009
I'm sure.....
I install the i have the utility SFTP

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CiderWebmail::Model::IMAPClient(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation		      CiderWebmail::Model::IMAPClient(3pm)

CiderWebmail::Model::IMAPClient - Catalyst Model DESCRIPTION
Interface to the IMAP Server You should *really* read rfc3501 if you want to use this. METHODS
new() creates a new CiderWebmail::Model::IMAPClient _die_on_error($c) die if the last IMAP command sent to the server caused an error this sould be called after every command sent to the imap server. disconnect disconnect from IMAP Server, if connected separator($c) Returnes the folder separator folder_tree($c) Return all folders as hash-tree. folder_sort custom sort for folders always put INBOX on top select($c, { mailbox => $mailbox }) selects a folder message_count($c, { mailbox => $mailbox }) returnes the number of messages in a mailbox unseen_count($c, { mailbox => $mailbox }) returnes the number of unseen messages in a mailbox check_sort($sort) Checks if the given sort criteria is valid. get_folder_uids($c, { mailbox => $mailbox, sort => $sort, range => $range }) Returns a MessageSet object representing all UIDs in a mailbox The range option accepts a range of UIDs (for example 1:100 or 1:*), if you specify a range containing '*' the last (highest UID) message will always be returned. get_headers_hash($c, { uids => [qw/ 1 .. 10 /], sort => [qw/ date /], headers => [qw/ date subject /], mailbox => 'INBOX' }) returnes a array of hashes for messages in a mailbox o uids (arrayref): a list of uids (as described in RFC2060) to fetch o sort (arrayref): sort criteria (as described in RFC2060). for example: [ qw/ date / ] will sort by date, [ qw/ reverse date / ] will sort by reverse date o headers (arrayref, required): a list of mail-headers to fetch. o mailbox (required) search() searches a mailbox returns a arrayref containing a list of UIDs get_headers_string($c, { mailbox => $mailbox, uid => $uid }) returnes the fullheader of a message as a string all_headers($c, { mailbox => $mailbox, uid => $uid }) fetch all headers for a message and updates the local headercache get_headers($c, { mailbox => $mailbox }) fetch headers for a single message from the server or (if available) the local headercache mark_read($c, { mailbox => $mailbox, uid => $uid }) mark a messages as read mark_answered($c, { mailbox => $mailbox, uid => $uid }) mark a message as answered bodypart_as_string($c, { mailbox => $mailbox, uid => $uid, parts => [ $part ] }) fetches body part(s) of a message - part IDs according to the bodystructure of the message get_bodystructure($c, { mailbox => $mailbox, uid => $uid }) fetches bodystructure of a message. returns a Mail::IMAPClient::BodyStructure object - this might change when we parse this into something more usefull message_as_string($c, { mailbox => $mailbox, uid => $uid }) return a full message body as string delete_messages($c, { mailbox => $mailbox, uid => $uid }) delete message(s) form the server and expunge the mailbox append_message($c, { mailbox => $mailbox, message_text => $message_text }) low level method to append an RFC822-formatted message to a mailbox move_message($c, { mailbox => $mailbox, target_mailbox => $target_mailbox, uid => $uid }) Move a message to another mailbox create_mailbox($c, { mailbox => $mailbox, name => $name }) Create a subfolder delete_mailbox($c, { mailbox => $mailbox }) Delete a complete folder AUTHOR
Stefan Seifert and Mathias Reitinger <> LICENSE
This library is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.14.2 2012-06-16 CiderWebmail::Model::IMAPClient(3pm)

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