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60 second Timer with Shell Script

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Old 10-04-2009
Originally Posted by danmero

(Code reformatted for legibility.)
while [ $i -gt 0 ]
 if [ $i -gt 9 ];then
   printf "\b\b$i"
   printf "\b\b $i"
 sleep 1
 i=`expr $i - 1`

That loop will take noticably longer than one second, due partly to the unnecessary external command.

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pods::SDL::Time(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				      pods::SDL::Time(3pm)

SDL::Time - An SDL Perl extension for managing timers CATEGORY
use warnings; use strict; use threads; use threads::shared; use SDL::Time; package foo; use SDL ':all'; SDL::init(SDL_INIT_TIMER); my $tick :shared = 0; sub ticker { $tick++; warn $tick; return 100; } package main; my $id = SDL::Time::add_timer(100, 'foo::ticker'); sleep(2); SDL::Time::remove_timer($id); METHODS
add_timer my $id = SDL::Timer::add_timer( $ms_interval, $callback ); This runs in a separate thread and a cloned Perl thread. "threads" and "threads::shared" must be used to share any variables the timer uses. The $callback function, specified with a string of the function's name, will be called after the milliseconds of $interval have elapsed. The actual delay may be longer than specified depending on the underlying OS. The callback function is passed the current timer interval as well as the $interval parameter and should return the next timer interval. If the return value from the callback is 0, the timer is cancelled; otherwise, the timer will continue to run. The timer callback function may run in a different thread to your main program, so it shouldn't call any functions from within itself. You may call SDL::push_event, however. "SDL::Time::add_timer" returns the identifier value of the generated timer or undef on error. Note: You must initialize ("SDL::init") the timer subsystem to use this function. remove_timer SDL::Timer::remove_timer( $id ); The other way to cancel a timer is to use "SDL::Time::remove_timer" on the $id of a timer. This ID is the return value of the "SDL::Time::add_timer" function. "SDL::Time::remove_timer" returns 0 on success or "-1" on error. AUTHORS
See "AUTHORS" in SDL. perl v5.14.2 2012-05-28 pods::SDL::Time(3pm)

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