error in file writing in crontab

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Old 10-02-2009
error in file writing in crontab

Hi ,
I have a crontab job that is trying to write a file and the read it . But the crontab is not able to create any file . But when i run the script as shell then it runs fine . could you tell me what i am missing here .

Here is the script

cat Tablespace_Monitor_ATG


db2 -x "connect to atg "

db2 -x "drop table daya.tablespace_info "

db2 -x "create table daya.tablespace_info ( Tblsp_name varchar(15) , size_in_mb bigint ,Per_free_space int, used_size_mb bigint )"

db2 -x "select tablespace_name , int((total_pages*page_size)/(1024*1024)) as Size_in_MB ,smallint((float(free_pages) / float(total_pages))*100) as per_free_space, int((used_pages*page_size)/(1024*1024)) as Used_size_MB from table(SNAPSHOT_TBS_CFG('ATG',-1)) where tablespace_type=0 "

db2 -x "insert into daya.tablespace_info select tablespace_name , int((total_pages*page_size)/(1024*1024)) as Size_in_MB ,smallint((float(free_pages) / float(total_pages))*100) as per_free_space, int((used_pages*page_size)/(1024*1024)) as Used_size_MB from table(SNAPSHOT_TBS_CFG('ATG',-1)) where tablespace_type=0 "

echo "TABLESPACE NAME % FREE SPACE" > Tablespace_info_atg
echo " " >> Tablespace_info_atg
db2 -x "select TBLSP_NAME as Name ,PER_FREE_SPACE as Percentage_use from daya.tablespace_info" > Tablespace_info_atg
# It is failing to create the above file Tablespace_info_atg
chmod 777 Tablespace_info_atg
cat /jcw-data/jcwprodi/CRONTAB/Tablespace_info_atg | mail -s "Tablespace Usage For ATG on WAG-PROD-DBCLUSTER "

Thanks in advance
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Old 10-02-2009
1. Post the code with code tags for proper visibility.

2. Thing you may miss is, Give the filename with Absolute Path.

3. Dont miss to check FAQ here.
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Old 10-02-2009
I tried to run the same script as higher id ( id added to sudoer file ) and that works fine .
It worked when i had /tmp as the path before i wrote the full path too .

Thanks , it works now Smilie
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