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find with prune option


I want to list files only from the current dir and its child dir (not from child's child dir).

i have the following files,

Here i want to list only the log file from current dir and ./ABC dir. ( not from ./ABC/ABC1 and ./ABC/ABC1/XYZ).

Hence please someone help me to write a correct find command with -prune option.
I beleive the following command will work in Linux find . -name "*.log" -maxdepth 1. But this command is not working in AIX. I'm not sure -maxdepth option is shell dependent or unix flavour variant.

SO i tried find with -prune option but that is not giving me the desired result. (i'm not pretty sure if my find command with -prune option is correct)

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Old 10-01-2009
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AIX find is different from for example Linux' find. Checking the man pages you can see what is available. On AIX there is no -maxdepth; so I would try to parse the output of find maybe like filtering how many slashes are in the output for example. In your example you could check if there are more than 4 slashes in the output and if yes do not print.

Example with filtering more than 3 slashes:
$> find ./a
$> find ./a| grep -v \.\/[^\/]\/[^\/]\/[^\/]\/.*

Other alternative could be to install find from the Linux Tools CD or download it from IBM freeware site and install it - using a link with a name like "gfind" so you know its GNU find and not AIX find.
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