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Old 09-30-2009
Merge 2 lines in file

Hi All,
I have a data in flat file like below. Some of the information are in second row.
111_ABCProcess -----            -----            IN 0/0
                             -----            -----            OI 0/0
111_ZigZagTrimProcess -----            -----            IN 0/0
                             09/22/2009 07:23 09/22/2009 07:23 FA 21960994/13 255
111_MurtyDumpProcess  01/30/2008 13:04 01/30/2008 13:07 SU 21960994/11

I am using following code to merge 2 lines, if data are in 2 lines.
aa=" "
cat rawdata.txt | while read abc
 if [[ `echo $abc | cut -c1-1` = "-" ]] || [[ `echo $abc | cut -c3` = "/" ]]
 echo $prevline >> rawdata_1.txt

But, it is taking too much time. I have arounf 3000 records in the file. Is there any other fast possible ways to do so... ie awk, nawk...?
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Old 09-30-2009

Try this:
awk '!/^ /{a=$0;print}/^ /{print a,$0}' file

If you want to get rid of the multiple spaces, use gsub() function.

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Sorry. That snippet needs some fixing. Better try this:
awk '!/^ /{if(a) print a; a=$0}/^ /{print a,$0}END{print a}' file

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