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Old 10-01-2009
Thanx. Really appreciate for your time
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OCF_HEARTBEAT_ORALSN(7) 					OCF resource agents					   OCF_HEARTBEAT_ORALSN(7)

ocf_heartbeat_oralsnr - Manages an Oracle TNS listener SYNOPSIS
oralsnr [start | stop | status | monitor | meta-data | validate-all] DESCRIPTION
Resource script for Oracle Listener. It manages an Oracle Listener instance as an HA resource. SUPPORTED PARAMETERS
sid The Oracle SID (aka ORACLE_SID). Necessary for the monitor op, i.e. to do tnsping SID. (unique, required, string, no default) home The Oracle home directory (aka ORACLE_HOME). If not specified, then the SID should be listed in /etc/oratab. (optional, string, no default) user Run the listener as this user. (optional, string, no default) listener Listener instance to be started (as defined in listener.ora). Defaults to LISTENER. (unique, optional, string, no default) SUPPORTED ACTIONS
This resource agent supports the following actions (operations): start Starts the resource. Suggested minimum timeout: 120. stop Stops the resource. Suggested minimum timeout: 120. status Performs a status check. Suggested minimum timeout: 60. monitor Performs a detailed status check. Suggested minimum timeout: 30. Suggested interval: 10. validate-all Performs a validation of the resource configuration. Suggested minimum timeout: 5. meta-data Retrieves resource agent metadata (internal use only). Suggested minimum timeout: 5. methods Suggested minimum timeout: 5. EXAMPLE
The following is an example configuration for a oralsnr resource using the crm(8) shell: primitive p_oralsnr ocf:heartbeat:oralsnr params sid=string op monitor depth="0" timeout="30" interval="10" SEE ALSO AUTHOR
Linux-HA contributors (see the resource agent source for information about individual authors) resource-agents UNKNOWN 03/09/2014 OCF_HEARTBEAT_ORALSN(7)

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