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display 5 lines from the particular text

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Old 09-29-2009
MySQL display 5 lines from the particular text

Hi All,
please help me to display 5 continious lines from a particular text.

my file is as below.


I want to diplay 5 lines from the word Good.

I tried the below command

grep -A5 "Good" file1.txt

I got the below error message

grep: illegal option -- A
grep: illegal option -- 5
usage: grep [-E|-F] [-c|-l|-q] [-bhinsvx] -e pattern_list...
        [-f pattern_file...] [file...]
usage: grep [-E|-F] [-c|-l|-q] [-bhinsvx] [-e pattern_list...]
        -f pattern_file... [file...]
usage: grep [-E|-F] [-c|-l|-q] [-bhinsvx] pattern [file...]

please help me to over come this issue. Thanks!

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Old 09-29-2009
Something like this?

awk '/Good/{c=5;next}c && c-- > 0' file

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Old 09-29-2009
or may be sed...
sed -n '/Good/{g;N;N;N;N;N
}' filename

# 4  
Old 09-29-2009
just a little modification to Franklin code:

awk '/Good/{c=4;next} c-->0 ' file1.txt

Thanks to Franklin

# 5  
Old 09-29-2009
If you are using GNU sed,

$sed -n '/Good/,+5p' filename

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